Hi, I’m Kathy!

Hey, I’m Kathy Campbell. Officially, I’m an Online Business Manager, but unofficially I’m The Unicorn Sidekick. That means I’m committed to using my magic to help you rise to look your greatest potential in the eye, get your business running as efficiently as possible, and do more of what you love. Whether that’s helping you with outsourced tasks like recruitment, systems building, or simply better scheduling your work week, I love partnering with entrepreneurs like you (who don’t baulk at the sight of unicorn headphones)  to help you become successful in the areas that matter.

Why do I do what I do? And how did I go from working as a project manager and team leader for a major software company to starting my own business? The answer starts and ends with my family.

When I discovered there was a way to support my family and help more people experience financial freedom, I got super excited. I’m a wife and mother based out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My amazing daughter, Aviendha, is 9 and my incredible husband of 13 years, Ryan, is disabled after a stroke 8 years ago, so the fact that I get to work from home and make sure everyone’s okay is everything to me. I’m so lucky to have the family and the business and the clients that I do! Even better, who I work with isn’t limited by where they are in the world. I get to help business owners all over the globe to thrive from the comfort of my home office.

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When I’m not spending time with family or building more ease and flow into your business, I love to read books like The Wheel of Time series (it’s actually what brought Ryan and I together) and making podcasts, just for fun.

If you’re always looking for new shows to discover, Friends In Your Ears is right up your alley! You’ll hear me talk to two podcasters about… you guessed it, podcasts! From the ones that got them listening in the first place, to the ones that got them inspired to record, and their all-time favorite shows now.

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