Kathy started as a Unicorn Sidekick in 2016, working on clients all over the world and building a life to stay home with her kids.

And then, in 2020, a pandemic wracked the world. There were more people that needed her help, but she was already maxed out. During that time, with a shift of life and circumstances, she decided to expand and allow for more Unicorn Sidekicks to exist and welcomed Mazie and Amanda into the Unicorn Herd. 

This Unicorn Herd allows for greater diversity in the way that we can support business owners. By not being tied to the ups and downs of a single individual’s life and work cycle, our clients will have access to the help they need when and where they need it.

We look forward to spreading the magic to more people!

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Hi, I’m Kathy!

Officially, I’m an Online Business Manager, but unofficially I’m The Unicorn Sidekick. That means I’m committed to using my magic to help you rise to look your greatest potential in the eye, get your business running as efficiently as possible, and do more of what you love. Whether that’s helping you with outsourced tasks like recruitment, systems building, or simply better scheduling your work week, I love partnering with entrepreneurs like you (who don’t baulk at the sight of unicorn headphones)  to help you become successful in the areas that matter.

Why do I do what I do? And how did I go from working as a project manager and team leader for a major software company to starting my own business?

The answer starts and ends with my family.


When I discovered there was a way to support my family and help more people, I got super excited. I’m a wife and mother based out of Oregon. I’m also a caregiver since my husband is disabled after a stroke in 2010. The fact that I get to work from home and make sure everyone’s okay is everything to me. I’m so lucky to have the family and the business and the clients that I do! Even better, who I work with isn’t limited by where they are in the world. I get to help business owners all over the globe to thrive from the comfort of my home office.

When I’m not spending time with family or building more ease and flow into your business, I love to read books like The Wheel of Time series and making podcasts, just for fun.

Hi, I’m Aleena!

I live in Northern California with my partner and my cat Zeppelin. 

I’ve worked in corporate sales, small business regional management, as a Fortune 100 Executive Assistant, I worked as a nanny years ago and those skills were surprisingly useful! Each gave knowledge and abilities which empower me to handle a wide array of projects and responsibilities.

I like to say “I sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to”. I am a Jack of all trades and a fast learner. I love organizing and the art of streamlining a workflow. 

When I am not working, I love to garden, knit and crochet, and love reading fantasy like The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) and thrillers like the Silent Corner (Dean Koontz). And who doesn’t binge watch a TV show or movie now and then. I love to be in nature either on the beach or hiking on a mountain vista. I love dressing in costumes and not taking myself too seriously. 

Hi, I’m Amanda!

I live in the South with my two teenagers, surrounded by extended and chosen family. My life has taken me a lot of places, from the non-profit world to small retail to real estate and more.

Like Kathy, I really enjoy the nitty gritty business workings that really make a company function, but that most business owners don’t want to (or have time to) focus on. I love working on everything from corporate process documentation to compiling financial information for reports and taxes (yes, really!) to brainstorming new ways to handle old systems.

When I’m not working, I love traveling, curling up with a book and hot tea, or laying about in the warm sun.

Hi, I’m Candice!

I live in the South with my two kids and all of our fur-babies. My career path has landed me in everything from SCUBA diving instruction to biology research labs and now to help small businesses.

Hi, I’m Mazie!

If I could be a magical creature, it would be a griffin.  (Who wouldn’t want to be a flying cat?!)  I live in Oregon with my husband, daughter, and son.  When I’m not working on awesome business stuff, I’m playing music, cooking, or working on creating inspirational content for my social media. 

Back to the awesome business stuff – I’m talking about yours!  I love helping you take your ideas and run with them, freeing you up from tasks you may not enjoy as much as I do. 

Does your business need amazing spreadsheets, systems, and documentation?  Do you need a training manual?  Then, I’m your griffin!  I take my years of experience in corporate America, start-ups, and nonprofits, and bring that to your business with enthusiasm and a little magic.  Leave the boring details to me – I love them!

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