Hi, I’m Kathy!

I’m a helper to my very core. Whether it’s helping someone find something at a store because I overheard a question, or listening to someone talk about what they are having issues with and helping them find a solution – I can’t help helping!

When I discovered there was a way to be able to help more people in the world, and support my family, I got super excited! My family is always my number one goal. I have been married since 2005 to an incredible man, who had a stroke in 2010. His recovery is stabilized but he’s still disabled so being able to be home and make sure he’s okay takes a whole load off my mind! Our daughter was born in 2009 and is such an amazing soul. I’m so lucky to be her mom!

When I’m not helping companies get even more awesome than they are, I love reading, spending time with my family and making podcasts! If you are interested, check out my podcasts:


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