I’ve worked with a wide range of companies that either needed a shop or needed an updated one. For most shops, the online website is the main entry point for your business. This is where you can introduce yourself and your product and be able to make the process as comfortable and as easy as it can be, when you can’t actually hold their hand.

Here are a couple sites that are live and running:


Every site is going to be priced differently.

In order to create this website and get it up and functioning, I charge $2,000 for the website setup and creation.

Some current stores are able to export products into a spreadsheet. If you can export, I charge $5 per product for the configuration to enter it into the site. This includes any sub options or size or color differences.

For those sites that are not able to export products, I charge $25 for each product. For any sub products or variations, I charge $15 per variation.

Before starting, all conversations and discussions will be had prior to invoicing. There will be no surprise invoices or secret fees!

Through it all, not only did she start the site for me, she taught me how to do it along the way. Any question I had…and still have, she is there. No matter what time of the day, or how simple it may seem, she helped. She was the calm voice and the constant cheerleader…. and she made me believe that I could do it. And I did. I would recommend Kathy to anyone. Its hard to trust someone online….to trust that they will get your style, your needs, to trust them with all of your business information… but my fears were immediately put to ease. She listens and asks questions….she is professional and kind. She is a genuine heart in this world. I am the blessed one to have found her.

Becky Gregory

Owner, Intuition Backgrounds

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