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There is a huge premium on a level of busyness in the American world today. If you work in an office at a corporate job, you are required to be there the 9 hours with an hour for lunch, regardless of what you are doing. I worked in corporate America for long enough to be tainted by the mindset that if you aren’t busy, you aren’t working. There was always something you could do, even if it was pretending and all you were really doing was updating your blog.

When I transitioned to self employment, and specifically project based pricing instead of hourly, I learned how false busyness is. Having a long to do list does not make you more successful. Staying up until 1am working does not make you more money.

I use to think I was lazy.

I would do the things I had to do as quickly and as efficiently as possible. My first goal is always accuracy. I built my brand by being detail orientated and it’s a strong belief in manifesto.

As I reach my third anniversary of being 100% self employed, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am not lazy, I am efficient.

And that is okay!

I am successful in what I do not because I spend 12 hours at my computer. I am successful when I spend time with my daughter. When I can take her to a doctor appointment in the middle of the day without fear of having to ask permission from my boss. I am successful when I have been productive in the morning and can take a nap at 1 next to my husband. That my work is still able to be done and I can get paid and be successful and not work all the time.

More importantly, I know my work hours and so do my clients.

That doesn’t mean that some times I don’t work late, but my late is other people’s early. I pretty much stop functioning by 9, so try to be in bed by then. Sometimes I will be up later than that, but it can’t be for anything really mind heavy. Any writing I do has to be in the morning. Sometimes it can be done after lunch, but usually only if it’s puff pieces.

I know my schedule. I know how my body works. Sure, I can do some things during the evening, but it’s usually not. And again, that is okay. It’s okay that my afternoons are not very productive. It’s because of the amount of work at the beginning of the day. My morning starts at 6am and I am at my computer usually by 7. The ability to choose when I work means I pick when I work the best and that means I don’t have to pretend. I don’t have to make busyness a habit. My level of busyness is a truth bomb. If I say I am busy, it means I actually am. Not pretending to busy to prove my worth.

Do you want help to get rid of the busyness in your life?

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