A few months ago, I was hacked. My amazing hosting company is who let me know about it (after they had cleaned it up) and let me know how the hack happened (hurray for Jetpack…which I have subsequently deleted from all of the sites I manage….but that’s neither here nor there). It was hacked for less than 6 hours before was fixed.

However, in that short amount of time, somehow Facebook recognized the hack and marked my website as suspicious. If you would have asked me about this before hand, I would have told you this was great! How awesome that they are working to fight against “Fake News” and spam sites.

The problem being, once it’s fixed, it becomes near impossible to change that.

I cleared the hack and confirmed the fix through the Google sites to confirm 100% that any piece of malicious software or files was gone. However, Facebook didn’t care. It was marked as spam and suspicious and by golly, it was going to hold onto that. This meant that I could not send my website to anyone on messnenger, could not link to it on a post, connect Buffer to Instagram or even have my website on my Instagram account.

Over the next weeks, I googled extensively and tried everything I saw. It came down to the fact that there was no way to contact an actual human being and tell them that it was fixed.

I created a Linktree link instead, that would link to my website and my social media accounts. This let me use this for my Facebook page and my Instagram account and also send people links when I got leads or answered questions.

I also constantly was sending feedback any time my things were marked as suspicious. I created an ad account on Facebook with the sole purpose of being able to click the feedback when my account was denied. Daily, I was reporting that my link was not suspicious.

Then, suddenly, I was able to link my website in a messenger message. A couple days later, I was able to connect my Buffer account to Instagram. A couple days after that, I was able to link my website on my Instagram account.

Finally, I had made it. No one ever contacted me. The only notifications I received was the occasional notice that my “feedback had been received” and the ticket was closed.

If I hadn’t been constantly reporting things and pushing to get this fixed, I doubt it ever would have been fixed. If was I was less technologically aware, I doubt I would have been able to even know where to start. I cannot think that there needs to be a way to get this fixed. That being said, by the look of the Google searches, there are a ton of people having this same issue and I doubt it will be fixed anytime soon.

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