I had the absolute honor of being interviewed on the most recent episode of Originality, a new podcast on my favorite podcast network.

The premise of the podcast itself is different (one might say: original) in that one of the fabulous hosts (either Aleen Sims or K Tempest Bradford) will interview the guest separately. They then take that interview and the two hosts will talk about a similar conversation with each other with sound bites dropped in.

It was such a delight to talk to Aleen again (we had met at XOXO in 2016) and really delve into what I do. Additionally, we talked about what I do for clients and it should really help describe what I can do and how best I could help you!

It was so neat to be able to listen to someone else talk about what I do to better reaffirm what it is that I can do and how I can help. Especially Tempest’s comment on labels. It was so true – being able to confirm yourself for what you want to be and your goal is, and really push yourself to identify what you are! You are the label that you want to be!

Contact me if you’d like to have a free 15 min consultation and we can chat about what you think you need and discover what you actually need help with!

And if you want a new podcast to listen to, I highly recommend Originality. It will let you learn new things and the ability to listen to two fantastic women talk about some amazing things is irreplaceable! The best part is it’s a biweekly podcast, so the responsibility isn’t too much at all. You can easily fit it in during your morning routine!

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