Anyone who has seen my Instagram will immediately recognize that I am kind of in love with my family. They mean so much to me and sometimes my heart feels like it will burst with love. As we reach the three year mark of my husband’s stroke, things have become even more overwhelming at times. I have been blessed in so many parts of my world.

It’s the little things in life as well. This sneak attack, when daddy was having a bad day and Avi and I were going to leave. Just iPhone photos, no edits. Not perfect. But it makes me so happy.


The giggles I heard. The smile on the faces after. These are moments I will keep forever.

And more important, I was there to capture it. Please, take pictures of your family. If you can’t bug a photographer friend in the area to photograph them, snap. Snapshots are not a dirty word. I wouldn’t pay anyone for these. No one would pay me for them. But they are precious all the same.

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