Tuesday Tip :: Your Peeps :: The Photog's Helper

On Location, my daughter/assistant took this photo (she was 4)

I have been blessed in my business to have some amazing girls that I work with. These two beautiful ladies are my hair and makeup artists for my clients and we also work together each quarter to do a fun session idea for their salon.

Tuesday Tip :: Your Peeps :: The Photog's Helper

The magic that we work is something that is unparalleled. We met when Kat and I were at Apple and have grown to be besties. Every Tuesday, we meet at our local coffee shop and just talk. Sometimes, we are planning out the next campaign. Most of the time, we’ll just sit and talk about nothing. Life is constantly changing and over the holidays, we went almost 6 weeks without really seeing each other. It took a definite toll on our days!

Things are back on track again, even with sickness and a new baby. The other day, we had lunch together and spent 3 hours at the restaurant.

The best part? These two are not photographers but they work with me. They don’t get behind the camera often, but they are creative, artistic and are amazingly supportive. You need a support system in your life. It can be photographers or not. Artists or not. Family, spouse or friends, you need people that help you be creative, inspire you to grow as an artist and most importantly, will hug you and hold your hand on any of life’s valleys and cheer with you at the mountain tops of life.

Who is part of your support system? Share with the rest of us in the comments and help inspire anyone that doesn’t have a support system to find one!

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