One of the top questions I get asked is people wanting to know the best software for a particular project. There are so many options out there in the world, it’s kind of silly to think there is ever a one size fits all for anything. This works for everything that business owners use: client management systems, invoicing, time tracking, etc. Sometimes, there is something that ultimately is the best for 90% of people, but that may not be the final answer for everyone.

For a recent example, let’s talk about questionnaire/form options!

I was putting together a very complicated form for a client. Mapping it out in my head and on paper, I went searching for a program to see if it even existed. My Google-fu is pretty great, especially if I have a list of very specific items to figure out.

Turns out, the exact thing existed and was perfect for what I was looking for. Not only did it fit everything I needed, it had solutions for things I didn’t know I wanted!

Every project is unique and every person needs something a little bit different. The trick is using history and skills to configure the perfect way to solve any problem that comes into play.

So whenever someone asks me “What is the best software for x” I always answer with “It depends.” Getting specific requirements and asking the right questions will help narrow down the options and then find the solution.

I really enjoy the scavenger hunt of finding the correct solution and when it ends up being even better than expected? Bring it on!

Want some help finding the right piece of software for something?

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