Kathy is the operations person you wish you were. She helped us reorganize our entire document system, evaluated vendors, made sure folks were paid on time, and clients were kept in line.

She’s incredibly competent and on top of her work and will make your organization run smoother and let you keep doing what you do best. Hire her immediately, seriously.

Matthew Bischoff


The best part about Kathy is her ability to build trust. Sure, she has lots of useful skills. She takes care of things. But more than anything else, I know that I can trust her. And in business that means more than anything.

Most people know how to do what they do and that’s it…Kathy is never afraid to tackle new things!

Andrew Carroll

CFO Andrew

Kathy is AMAZINGGGGG! Working with her has helped my business tremendously. She’s so responsive, versatile, funny, savvy with technology, and provides wonderful feedback to help me run my business better.

She’s saved me countless hours by taking things off my plate that free up my time to go after bigger and better things. I don’t ever have to check on her, because I trust her wholeheartedly to get things done with superb work ethics.

You don’t just want Kathy on your team, you need her. She’s not just an assistant I delegate to, but a treasured member of my team.

Veronica Yanhs

Business Laid Bare

I’ve been working with Kathy for roughly 4 years now and I can not say enough good thing about her and her services! She has been my Unicorn Sidekick from the very beginning of my self-employed career and has helped me out immensely. Kathy and I initially connected because I needed an eCommerce website built. She was easy to work with from the start – she is kind, knowledgeable, listens yet expresses her views in a manner that is respectful all while making sure your needs and visions are met.

Kathy created a lovely website for me and that was the beginning of our on-going relationship! I have used my Unicorn Sidekick on multiple occasions for an array of issues – from logo and business card design to web coding, photo shoots and newsletters – Kathy has been there to assist when I have no idea what to do or when business is so busy my priorities shift. I adore Kathy, everything she has done for me and look forward to many more years of running a successful business with the help of my Unicorn Sidekick!

Tanya Braukman

Rough Cut Soap Co

The most amazing thing about working with Kathy is that she thrives on empowering you to learn and grow within your business. Whenever possible, Kathy will take the time to teach you how to accomplish tasks she is completing for you, offering you the gift of wisdom to know how to help yourself the next time you are having a challenge. She is a calming, reassuring voice you can trust because she truly respects herself and your business.

The peace of mind she has offered us is priceless. We recommend Kathy to any entrepreneur who is looking for a trustworthy and honest professional who will bring ease and endless assistance to their company! We are forever grateful to have Kathy in our corner as a member of our team at Sugar Wood!

Chana Wood

Sugar Wood

I just wanted to check in and say, wow – I am so happy to be working with you! I cannot believe how fast and easy it has been to set up Amanda and for Amanda to just get moving and start taking charge of things. I’m in awe of how quickly Amanda has figured out my various systems and been able to just… do things! I’m starting to feel myself able to breathe a bit easier and see how things can start to move more smoothly around here for my practice. I did not think the process of delegation would go as well as it has been going and I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the quality of your work.


Shlomo Radcliffe

Anger & Anxiety Therapists

Through it all, not only did she start the site for me, she taught me how to do it along the way. Any question I had…and still have, she is there. No matter what time of the day, or how simple it may seem, she helped. She was the calm voice and the constant cheerleader…. and she made me believe that I could do it. And I did.

I would recommend Kathy to anyone. It’s hard to trust someone online….to trust that they will get your style, your needs, to trust them with all of your business information… but my fears were immediately put to ease. She listens and asks questions….she is professional and kind. She is a genuine heart in this world. I am the blessed one to have found her.

Becky Gregory

Intuition Backgrounds

Kathy has been game changing for my business. I was scared to death before our first phone consultation. (What if I’m not good enough? What if I can’t afford her? What if I’m beyond help?)

Kathy quickly put all my fears at ease. She’s willing to dig deep and find your strengths, and help you strengthen your weaknesses. She’s willing to be honest, and that’s the most important thing. Her feedback and help gave me confidence, and direction.

Without Kathy’s help I would have remained overwhelmed and thrown in the towel before I even got started. She’s more than a helper, she’s a friend.

Bri Long


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